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A Musician doesn't need to say anything, and he's wavy because the guitar is loud, despite not being plugged in.


Tee hee. I like xkcd, and I thought of this when I first saw that comic, but never got round to actually doing it. Here it is now! Enjoy.

This also contains a couple of clips from the Rock Band comic also.

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It’s not every day where I get to the end of the day and go, “Wow, that was a really good day today”. Although I try to make that may aim, being that I seem to be a miserable git who seems to hate everything despite being wildly open-minded.

But today was like any normal day. Get up early, get rid of the boring tedious chores and unnecessary university work so I have the rest of the day to do things which are more interesting and useful.

The first useful things I decided to do today was EA Sports Active 2 which I do to train myself to be better at pretty much everything. And hey I can earn Xbox Live achievements too! How sad am I?! But with two activities left to go in the workout, the software froze. Which got me angry. Imagine working out heavily for one hour and then the record of it gets erased. That makes me feel sort of useless.

Another thing that got me pissed off recently is the arrival of Pokémon Black and White. I’m not going to list the same rant I did last time. But i’ve really fallen out of love with the series, coupled with the fact that I have still yet to complete Pokémon Diamond and that I have no time to play it. It just makes me quite sad.

At least I could shower and get ready for what happens later tonight. The NBA is coming to London …again. And Toronto had come too. Now I could watch them get thrashed by another mediocre team so my £200 investments said woefully down the drain.

But travelling to the O2 is always an adventure. I’ve now been twenty odd times for different reasons, and not all for concerts or events, every time has been different. Just as I was walking up to a train station, a young girl and her friends, none of which could clearly be older than I am, walked past me and kissed me on the neck spontaneously said “Hey Sexy” and walked off giggling and smiling! I can’t help but smile at something that’s not considered to be rational or normal behaviour. And heck, it was quite nice too. But given that it’s me, I couldn’t help but wonder what caused this.

Could it be the fact that I’m growing my hair long this time? Could it be that I have brown eyes and a beard and that something she finds attractive? After pondering it for half an hour on the train, I came to the conclusion she was just playing a joke on me. Or just coincidence. Even so, it still manages to bewilder me even now it’s a day later. Why didn’t I say anything back or do anything. I’m a moron!

As the normal journey to the O2 arena was blocked due to weekend maintence, I had to take a different route, going to Stratford, which basically goes past it and then I could double back. But on the train I heard this announcement. “Trains are not stopping at Stratford, due to a fire evacuation.” Now I now that can’t be true, if there is a fire on the Underground, the evacuate the entire line for safety. Added to the fact that Stratford doubles up as a station for the National Rail. Seriously? Somebody discovered an “unnatended pacakage” and now they have to clear the station.

So I made a different change and I’m now at the O2, with the standard checks. Yes, I’ve got my O2 phone on me, yes i’m not holding any weapons, yes i’m not carrying a 50 million dollar camera or smuggling drugs in my backpack. Ahh well, procedures as usual.

I must have been in this arena about a million times before, and everytime it still amazes me. It’s not the biggest arena in the world and somehow manages to be the most versatile. With a Basketball court on the floor, it would be very difficult to imagine how they curn turn this place to host music events, and ice rink, a boxing rink, theatre, opera and the like. It has to be one of the most impressive rooms in the world to set foot in.

I sat down what felt like only 20 yards away from centre court, and it probably was. And although I would have happily run over and taken the very obvious empty courtside seat next to Cesc Fabregas, I don’t think that the guard was going to let me.

I had been here for basketball before. When Minnesota Timberwolves beat Los Angeles Lakers. That was an awesome game ruined by the fact that London Transport was on strike so getting there by car was a very real nightmare, and secondly almost everyone seemed to come and see Kobe. And the fact that he played for five minutes when barely anyone was there didn’t make anyone in the crowd happy. I couldn’t help but laugh, why come all this way to see ONE player, heck I would have been happy just to see him fall on his ass.

But this Toronto – New Jersey game was close fought and was exciting some of the time. Until the last couple of minutes where each team looked like they wanted the win, but I’ll bet money that they wanted to stay. Overtime isn’t something that usually happens in basketball, so of course I was going to stay for it. And just when it looked like Toronto would walk away with the win, New Jersey came right back into it. And Vice Versa in the second period of overtime, and just as the clock ran down everyone who was still in the Stadium was on their feet. Of course! Everyone was restless and excited and it’s not like teams in America would give up and roll over. Each coach was using the timeout on every fucking play! Which gave and excuse for the mascots and cheerleaders to have a little dance.

I wonder why we don’t have mascots here. Throughout the game, Raptor and Sly (the NJ mascot) were running around the arena having fun with people. I’m pretty sure they got bored though. Raptor thought it would be funny to balance on the board seperating the lower level seating from the floor. And then get bored and decided to jump from board to board like he was Spiderman. It was quite enjoyable to watch while the game was getting boring, but in England mascots like will be bored and just start throwing popcorn at the away fans. Classy.

The game ended in the third period of overtime with Toronto 1 point down, where Bargnani decided to play hero and shoot the ball at the last second for a two pointer. Missing the net completely with the Nets taking home the win. There’s a little disppointment and relief though in the evenly split crowd, but we damn sure got our money’s worth.

So why does that all seem to sink in the day AFTER the game? It seems strange to just think about how much fun you had rather than having fun and enjoying it for what it is. Shit, I didn’t get that girls phone number did I?

I’m no real fan of television. I have access to Sky Digital. 33% of the programming is shit and another 50% is bullshit. The other 17% is probably decent and I watch much less than one percent of it. But i’ve been hearing about this “make your own television channel thing” and was wondering if I created my own TV channel, and can only pick from ten programmes what it would consist of. Read More »

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I voted Green Party in the General Election, so much so that Gareth Thomas gave an oddly strange look to my mother which most likely said “You had better keep an eye on him,” despite the fact that I’m 18 and finally free. But many people are starting to ask me “If I care too much for the environment” to which I reply “Have you had breakfast yet?” Read More »

Yesterday Obama gave a speech at Hampton Unitversity in Virginia, and I was wondering if all “democrats” speak the same ways. When you consider the fact that Obama is very popular (sometimes for the wrong reasons, although they aren’t his fault) and that Clegg increased in popularity after the political debates, do they actually speak in the same style.

Added to that I also wanted to anylyse what Obama said and hopefully shine more light on it than other news reporters would.
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The fact is this, since the nation declared itself a “hung parliament” socially the country has been better off, less crime, higher attendance in schools and less people admitted to hospital. Unfortunately the economy seems to have gone haywire with the Pound becoming cheaper every second, for reasons I can’t be bothered to understand. Read More »

So the United Kingdom general election is finally over…almost. With the fact that that Electoral Reform was one of the main policies for Political Parties and voters alike it seemed that adding more MP’s seats would piss more people off. No? Only me? Oh well. Read More »

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The quick answer is: no. A longer answer is: hell no. (A review of the Stimulus Package.) Read More »

Government adviser Eric Carlin quits over mephedrone

Once again it seems another decision has been made based on political correctness and media pressure. Mr. Eric Carlin resigned from the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs, because the council decided to upgrade the status of mephedrone (sometimes known as miaow) from a legal high to a Class-B drug, thus making it illegal. However Eric Carlin stated that the decision was pased on public and media pressure…like eveything else is Eric.

Pupils ‘interviewing teachers for jobs’

I’m on the fence about this one, i’m all for giving power to the people and especially students. But putting power into the hands of uneducated, opputunistic morons would be like making Piers Morgan prime minister. I really can’t decide which though.

Pope’s preacher compares abuse row to anti-Semitism

Err…how is calling religous paedophiles the same as anti-semitism? Somebody explain this to me.

No 10 denies VAT on Haiti record cut from aid budget

I find kind of funny and coincidental that I predicted this. Once again I’m right and once again the majority of people seem to have forgotten something. There was an earthquake in Chile not too long ago, where’s the theme music for that?