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The news about the Haiti earthquake has become heartbreaking to annoying. It seems that everyone decides that they want to get some publicity out of this in any way possible. For starters Bungie – the makers of the not-so popular game Halo 3 and Halo ODST decided that for every player that changes their in-game picture to a heart it will donate some money up to a maximum of US$77,000. Basically stating “We will only give money to Haiti if people are willing to play our game”, proof the that Bungie don’t actually give a shit about what happens in Haiti but rather that people who are just as ignorant play their game instead of Modern Warfare 2…I can’t blame them for that, but that’s just another reason why I hate capitalism. Hilary Clinton also said a couple of weeks ago that she would travel to inspect the damage done to Haiti; I’m struggling to find a reason for this. Why would a United States politician want to go Haiti for other than “To show I care”? Oh yes – more cameras and publicity.

This nothing compared to the shit the British are doing. Gordon Brown (proving once again he has nothing better to do), asked gold-farmer Simon Cowell for British artists, to come together and do a cover of R.E.M.’s major hit “Everybody Hurts” – a song about teenagers contemplating suicide – for a charity single! Yes let’s bring two disasters that are almost completely unrelated, that seems a good idea(!) But it gets worse. The artists that were put together include James Blunt, Bon Jovi, James Morrison and Rod Stewart; which doesn’t actually sound too bad, but in fact should sound quite good, but then go and ruin it by adding: Susan Boyle, Michael Bublé, Alexandra Burke, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Joe McElderry (who is basically a Male version of Miley Cyrus), JLS, Leona Lewis, Mike, Kylie, Take That (including Robbie), and Westlife. While it nice to show that musicians actually give a damn about this recession (and let’s be honest, Earthquakes will cause an economic recession), I personally don’t think it’s an excuse to ruin a good song, gain more publicity for them, and for the public to spend money on something they’ll later regret buying, besides Cowell and Brown will find a way to make sure some of the money of this single goes to them, they always do.

And you may think, that I think that this whole Haiti disaster, is just a publicity stunt. And you’d be right, I’d like to blame somebody for this, but after doing a couple of hours of research I can’t really blame anybody for this. So I can only state that it’s proof that God doesn’t exist. People know that it is completely unethical and immoral to take money when Haiti desperately needs it. So they’ll only take what they can – publicity, “look at me I helped Haiti!”. But then there are some famous people who do actually care about what happens. Goodness knows that I do. Haiti isn’t too far from Trinidad (where my ‘other home’ is) and with every natural disaster that happens in the Caribbean (or near it) I get scared. But to be honest it doesn’t matter I have sixty-something friends on Facebook, all of whom haven’t mentioned anything about Haiti, because remember better things matter to them: themselves! Not publicity! And let’s be honest we will all go from one disaster to the next – anybody fixed New Orleans yet? No? Damn you Obama!


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  1. For the record. I dont HATE capitalism, I just don’t like the greediness of it….

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