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Monthly Archives: May 2010

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I voted Green Party in the General Election, so much so that Gareth Thomas gave an oddly strange look to my mother which most likely said “You had better keep an eye on him,” despite the fact that I’m 18 and finally free. But many people are starting to ask me “If I care too much for the environment” to which I reply “Have you had breakfast yet?” Read More »


Yesterday Obama gave a speech at Hampton Unitversity in Virginia, and I was wondering if all “democrats” speak the same ways. When you consider the fact that Obama is very popular (sometimes for the wrong reasons, although they aren’t his fault) and that Clegg increased in popularity after the political debates, do they actually speak in the same style.

Added to that I also wanted to anylyse what Obama said and hopefully shine more light on it than other news reporters would.
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The fact is this, since the nation declared itself a “hung parliament” socially the country has been better off, less crime, higher attendance in schools and less people admitted to hospital. Unfortunately the economy seems to have gone haywire with the Pound becoming cheaper every second, for reasons I can’t be bothered to understand. Read More »

So the United Kingdom general election is finally over…almost. With the fact that that Electoral Reform was one of the main policies for Political Parties and voters alike it seemed that adding more MP’s seats would piss more people off. No? Only me? Oh well. Read More »