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The fact is this, since the nation declared itself a “hung parliament” socially the country has been better off, less crime, higher attendance in schools and less people admitted to hospital. Unfortunately the economy seems to have gone haywire with the Pound becoming cheaper every second, for reasons I can’t be bothered to understand.

But since Thursday I’ve only had good news (personally). Labour and Conservative neither got what they want, Chelsea have won the Premier League convincingly, the West Indies beat India in 20-20, and I haven’t heard of any University talk. Call me an anarchist or a dissident but that’s true, because you megalomaniacs seem to be panicking and I’m calm as a whistle.

I do have to have some sympathy for the Liberal Democrats though, it seems that despite Nick Clegg’s awesome use of … public speaking, the Liberal Democrats have lost seats, which goes to prove two things.
1. Opinion polls don’t mean anything.
2. The television debates meant nothing.
But they still have enough to make the choice about which of Labour or Conservative becomes government, and no matter which way they seem to go they are always going to take the blame in the future.

So I have an idea, why don’t the Conservatives and Labour form a coalition? They’ll be a high majority government in which they could out vote every other MP in parliament, and they can finally get back to screwing over the country like they planned to and how they used to.


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