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A Musician doesn't need to say anything, and he's wavy because the guitar is loud, despite not being plugged in.


Tee hee. I like xkcd, and I thought of this when I first saw that comic, but never got round to actually doing it. Here it is now! Enjoy.

This also contains a couple of clips from the Rock Band comic also.

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The fact is this, since the nation declared itself a “hung parliament” socially the country has been better off, less crime, higher attendance in schools and less people admitted to hospital. Unfortunately the economy seems to have gone haywire with the Pound becoming cheaper every second, for reasons I can’t be bothered to understand. Read More »

Government adviser Eric Carlin quits over mephedrone

Once again it seems another decision has been made based on political correctness and media pressure. Mr. Eric Carlin resigned from the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs, because the council decided to upgrade the status of mephedrone (sometimes known as miaow) from a legal high to a Class-B drug, thus making it illegal. However Eric Carlin stated that the decision was pased on public and media pressure…like eveything else is Eric.

Pupils ‘interviewing teachers for jobs’

I’m on the fence about this one, i’m all for giving power to the people and especially students. But putting power into the hands of uneducated, opputunistic morons would be like making Piers Morgan prime minister. I really can’t decide which though.

Pope’s preacher compares abuse row to anti-Semitism

Err…how is calling religous paedophiles the same as anti-semitism? Somebody explain this to me.

No 10 denies VAT on Haiti record cut from aid budget

I find kind of funny and coincidental that I predicted this. Once again I’m right and once again the majority of people seem to have forgotten something. There was an earthquake in Chile not too long ago, where’s the theme music for that?

Women say some rape victims should take blame – survey

I cannot believe that a stong minority of people think that the victims of rape should be at fault! There is a difference between thinking that some one isn’t going to sexually assault you, and someone will not.

It shouldn’t at all be at fault for the victim, but then if you do dress like a whore (like most young women I know) you are asking for something. Who the hell wears a tank top and a mini-skirt in the middle of the night in winter?!