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Within being slightly bored, I decided to do a quick study of the internet. I took the top 20 most listened to artists on in the past week, and figured out their hate ratings. Basically, number of websites on Google that clain they hate the artist ÷ how many people listened to them in that week. Read More »


Women say some rape victims should take blame – survey

I cannot believe that a stong minority of people think that the victims of rape should be at fault! There is a difference between thinking that some one isn’t going to sexually assault you, and someone will not.

It shouldn’t at all be at fault for the victim, but then if you do dress like a whore (like most young women I know) you are asking for something. Who the hell wears a tank top and a mini-skirt in the middle of the night in winter?!

As a Chelsea F.C. fan, you’d think I’d give a shit about the fact that John Terry was stripped of his captaincy, but I don’t. Simply because I don’t actually know what he captain does. Possibly apart from the fact that they decide the all-important fatal decision of deciding either Heads or Tails. Anyone can do that can’t they, but everyone would think that it is an absurd idea to make Wayne Rooney captain of our finest XI. Read More »

The news about the Haiti earthquake has become heartbreaking to annoying. It seems that everyone decides that they want to get some publicity out of this in any way possible. Read More »

It’s amazing isn’t it? Barely two inches of snow and the whole of London thinks this is something drastic. I find this annoying, people constantly say on travel reports to “travel with care and caution”. Aren’t we always supposed to travel with caution? Read More »

Out of nowhere, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, managed to capture the heart and mind of almost everyone, and quite rightly so. Read More »

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