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I’ve made no secret about the fact that I voted Green Party in the General Election, so much so that Gareth Thomas gave an oddly strange look to my mother which most likely said “You had better keep an eye on him,” despite the fact that I’m 18 and finally free. But many people are starting to ask me “If I care too much for the environment” to which I reply “Have you had breakfast yet?” Read More »


As a Chelsea F.C. fan, you’d think I’d give a shit about the fact that John Terry was stripped of his captaincy, but I don’t. Simply because I don’t actually know what he captain does. Possibly apart from the fact that they decide the all-important fatal decision of deciding either Heads or Tails. Anyone can do that can’t they, but everyone would think that it is an absurd idea to make Wayne Rooney captain of our finest XI. Read More »